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Fic: Restitution by Deslea R. Judd (XF)

Title: Restitution
Author: Deslea R. Judd (deslea)
Fandom/Pairing/Rating: X Files, Krycek/Marita, R
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. Interpretation mine.
Summary: Sometimes, to face the future, you have to face the past. Series tie-in, Herrenvolk to The Truth.
Why did I choose this story for review? I nominated this story, and one other, Eschaton (also novella length) for a few reasons. I suppose the main one is because I used to be a hard-core novel-length writer, and then I discovered the fun of crafting shorter stories, and I think I got out of practice with longer work for a while. So doing two novella-length in quick succession kind of challenged me to get past that. The other is because this story in some ways revisits something I tried to do a few years ago (in a different way) and it's interesting for me to think about what this did as a way of getting a perspective on my own development and strengths and weaknesses.

Restitution Part 1
Restitution Part 2
Restitution Part 3
Restitution Part 4

Many thanks to my reviewer, Nifra.
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