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Popsicle Day by Serial Karma

Title: Popsicle Day
Author: Serial Karma
Fandom: The O.C.
Pairing: Seth/Ryan
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not yours, either, though. Ha!
Rating: NC-17.
Summary: PWP (that's Porn With Popsicles. Sort of.)
Why this story: I didn't specify which story, and my reviewer chose this one after I mentioned that I'd written some O.C. after the assignments had been posted. This is fine with me, as I'm pleased with the overall shape of the fic, but am somewhat dissatisfied with certain aspects of it.

Today was a Popsicle Day. That was how Seth thought of them, caps and all--days when the wind was from the wrong direction and the deck and pool baked in the still sun. The only solution to beating the heat was, obviously, to ingest popsicle after frozen popsicle, alternating the popsicles with dips in the pool and hours-long Playstation tournaments.

This was the first Popsicle Day since Ryan had come to live with them, and so far, Seth had learned several things. One was that splashing around in the pool was *way* more fun when there was someone splashing you back. Another was that Ryan, soaking wet and sucking on a cherry popsicle, was the most erotic thing Seth had seen, like, *ever*--and that included Summer in her bra. He had also learned that if he didn't do something about the tightness in his shorts, his head would start to spin around and steam would pour out of his ears, and that was nobody's idea of sexy.

So he had come up with a plan, kind of. Well, more like a fantasy, but he was hoping it would coalesce into a plan soon. Very soon. Tonight, in fact, would be ideal, since the first part of the fan...er...plan--his parents going off to one of his mom's charity things and leaving them home alone with pizza and video games--had happened. The second part, where they somehow went from sitting on the floor in front of the Playstation to making out on the floor (or the couch or wherever, Seth wasn't picky) should go into effect any moment. Or it might, if Seth had *any idea* what the hell he was doing.

But he really, really didn't, so he was sitting here, getting his ass kicked at Pro Skater 4, because he was too distracted by Ryan. Ryan, who was sitting next to him in that mouth-wateringly sexy wifebeater with a popsicle stuck in his mouth, smelling like soap and sugar and pepperoni, popsicle dripping sugary-sweet water all over his lips, a bent knee resting on top of Seth's leg and--

Wait. How long had Ryan's leg actually been draped over his? And how had he not noticed? And how many guys played Pro Skater practically sitting in each other's laps? Seth paused the game and examined the situation carefully. Ryan's leg was draped across his, a bare foot rested casually on Seth's ankle. He followed the jean-clad limb up, up, went swiftly past a certain portion of his anatomy, over Ryan's chest, to his face, which was resolutely looking at the paused game, although Seth could see him staring at him out of the corner of his eye.

Just as certain things started to click in Seth's mind Ryan licked his lips nervously and his leg started to move. Seth watched his own hand shoot out and land on Ryan's knee, keeping it in place, and heard his own voice say, quite without any input from his brain (although that wasn't a particularly new development), "Wait. Don't, I--it's...okay." Ryan turned to say something, all eyes and cherry-stained mouth, and once again, Seth's body moved independently of his brain and he leaned forward, fastening his mouth over Ryan's. He barely had a chance to feel soft, sugary lips and traces of evening stubble, before his brain woke up and he pulled back with a jerk. Oh, shit. What if he'd miscalculated? What if he'd misunderstood? What if this was just how they played video games in Chino? Okay, that last one was probably not likely. Further panic, logical or not, was abruptly extinguished when Ryan shifted, reaching out to clasp the back of Seth's neck and pulled him forward. This kiss was warm and longer, and when he opened his mouth to Ryan's tongue, very hot and very good.

Things began to happen fast. There were hands everywhere: big, slightly rough ones that were making their way under his t-shirt. His own were registering the smooth, hot skin of Ryan's back. Wow. Who knew other people's skin was so great? There was hot breath and a soft tongue on his neck, and he was pretty sure he was the one moaning when he felt a knee move between his legs and press up.

Seth's shirt had miraculously disappeared and his pants were somewhere in the vicinity of his knees. Maybe Ryan had the ability to undress people with his mind. That would be handy. Heh. Because then his hands would be free to take off his own clothes, which he was doing now. Just the shirt, actually, but that was just fine with Seth, because Ryan with no shirt, no shoes was definitely worth servicing. One small, semi-rational brain cell groaned at that thought; the rest voted in favor of licking every inch of Ryan's chest he could reach. Before he could manage that, though, he felt Ryan's hand on his shoulder, pushing him down onto the carpet. Ryan's other hand came into view, holding the half-melted popsicle. Seth had completely forgotten about that; where had he kept it? Why did Seth care? With an unexpectedly sly grin, Ryan put the popsicle to his lips, then set the newly wet tip to Seth's chest. The shock of cold set every nerve tingling down to his fingers and toes, and he gasped as the popsicle traveled straight down his torso to his navel. This was a use for popsicles he hadn't explored in great detail, but so far he was definitely in favor. So was his cock, which he had thought couldn't get any harder. Wrong. So wrong. He was panting by the time he felt Ryan's warm, soft tongue follow the sticky line down his body, lapping up the sweetness in small, catlike laps, and he was shaking by the time Ryan's tongue dipped into his belly button and his hips bucked up, hard, almost knocking Ryan off him. Whoops. Injuries due to making out were not in the plan. Strong hands held him down and he raised his head enough to get a glimpse of Ryan, panting and still all eyes, staring up at him from the vicinity of his crotch.

The look on Ryan's face seemed to be asking permission to go farther. What do you think?! screamed through his mind, but that seemed rather rude, so he managed to squeak out an "Uh--God--" before letting his head fall back to the soft carpet. This seemed to be all that was required, because the next thing he knew was the feel of a warm hand that actually wasn't his (and again, other people's skin? So. Much. Better) wrapped around the base of his cock, and the warmest, sweetest, wettest feeling went right through him--

--he didn't realize he was shouting as he came until Ryan's hand came down over his mouth. He wondered, oh so briefly, why he needed to be quiet when his parents weren't due home for hours, but forgot about it when he sucked two fingers into his mouth and started licking away the taste of sugar and sweat and Ryan. His skin, his bones and muscles were melting into a puddle of goo, and he couldn't stop a huge, goofy grin from spreading across his face as Ryan's came into view above him.

Ryan grinned back, catching his bottom lip between his teeth for a moment before leaning down and kissing Seth deeply. Rougher than the last one, and more urgent, and Seth could tell why when he felt Ryan's erection grinding against his hip. Floating high on the new-found confidence of an incredible orgasm, he rolled over, managing not to break the kiss, and ground his hips down. A groan burst out of Ryan as he broke the kiss and moved to Seth's neck, licking and biting and making Seth groan in turn. But as much as he wanted to just move against Ryan until they both came, he wanted to show Ryan that there were *some* things Seth Cohen was a natural at besides skateboards and Playstations. While Ryan was occupied with giving him his first hickey (and wouldn't *that* be fun to explain to the folks later), he looked around for the mysterious disappearing popsicle.

Oh. Whoops. It was melting into a puddle on the carpet. Another fun thing to explain to the folks. Never mind. Anything that made him think about his parents was definitely not worth his time at the moment. He'd just have to use something else--his hand would probably work, he had plenty of practice with that. Ryan was suddenly very still under him, and when Seth looked down, he realized he had also noticed the popsicle. He looked up at Seth now with a peculiarly adorable grimace, and if Seth hadn't been lying on top of Ryan right now, thereby occupied with more important things, he'd be worried about how often the word "adorable" had been creeping into his vocabulary lately.

"Sorry about that. Is that going to be a problem?" And Ryan looked so genuinely worried and concerned and *mussed* that the only solution was to kiss him again.

"Nah," he answered against Ryan's lips. "I think we can afford the cleaning bill."

The best thing that had ever happened to Seth was when he felt Ryan's mouth open to his own inexperienced tongue and Ryan's hips arch against his again.

He reached down, fumbling for the button on Ryan's jeans, and pulled on it. And he wore button fly jeans, which meant the fly just peeled open as he tugged, and Seth vowed to go out and buy Ryan five more pairs the next day. He reached in and wrapped his hand around Ryan's cock, and Ryan moaned into his mouth and one hand grabbed Seth's arm and squeezed. Seth pulled back from the kiss and moved his hand up and down, slowly at first, amazed at how different it felt to be touching somebody else's cock like this. It was also familiar, though, and he experimented, trying some of the things he knew he liked to do to himself. He knew he'd hit the right rhythm when Ryan buried his face in Seth's neck again and thrust into the circle of his fist.

Ryan's hips started to jerk and he reached down and put his hand over Seth's, moving it faster, squeezing tighter. He was panting, now, into the space where Seth's neck and shoulder met and the fingers of his other hand dug into Seth's bicep. His pants turned into short breathy moans, his fingers clutched even tighter for an instant, and then Seth felt Ryan's whole body still and their joined hands were covered in wet warmth and it was so good, so much better than he'd ever imagined sex could be, with Ryan holding onto him like Seth was the only thing tethered to the planet. So he took Ryan's chin in his hand and kissed him, and it was wet and sloppy and beautiful and for a second Seth thought his heart might actually burst.

Eventually Ryan floated back down to earth and looked up at Seth with a tired, quiet smile.

And, knowing he should probably just shut up for once, but as usual completely unable to do so, Seth said, "So. Want another popsicle?"
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